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Fauré’s Requiem, 2006

FAURÉ’S REQUIEM 2006, Carlow Cathedral
Performance, Orchestra, Choir, Photographic Lightboxes and Video Projections.

Collaboration with Aspiro (formerly Carlow Young Artists Choir) under the directorship of Mary Amond O’Brien. Creation of ‘light orchestra’ to accompany choral and orchestral performance of Fauré’s Requiem on the 30th of April 2006 in the Cathedral of the Assumption, Carlow. A movement from darkness to light. Funded by The Arts Council.

The aim of this project was for the choir members to gain a deeper understanding of this requiem, exploring how the composer dealt with the theme of mourning and loss.

The presentation of the artwork sought to create an engaging and accessible experience for the audience. The images were displayed at a human level and scale, the audience could not see the overall picture, but had a slightly different perspective depending on their seated position, so becoming immersed in the performance.

Each choir member produced at least one piece of photography, animation or video work. The videos and animations were displayed on screens either side of the choir, while the photographs were displayed on light boxes that were placed throughout the crowd. The choir members had ‘scored’ the artworks, so that they would be illuminated throughout the performance in synchronization with the particular moment which had inspired them. As the requiem progressed, the chorister’s creations gradually illuminated the cathedral.