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Kairos Captured, 2009


Scratchcards, Perspex.

An interrogation of participatory spaces.

While the Greek word ‘kronos’ refers to chronological or sequential time, the word ‘kairos’ signifies a momentary break in the determined narrative of chronological time, a fleeting moment of opportunity. Thus kairos represents a significant and decisive moment of empowerment. Chance and determinism are prerequisite in this discourse of internal and external power.

When speaking of the Aristotelian articulation of ‘the citizen’ as ‘he who partakes in the fact of ruling and the fact of being ruled,’ French philosopher Jacques Rancière elaborates, ‘This formulation speaks to us of a being who is at once the agent of an action and the one upon whom the action is exercised’. Rancière continues to say that ‘everything about politics is contained in this specific relationship’ and he proposes that this ‘part-taking’ should be interrogated as to its conditions of possibility. *

*(Rancière, J, ‘Ten Theses on Politics’, Theory & Event, 5:3, 2001)