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Palette for Rathcroghan, 2021


Site Specific Photographic Colour Palette

This identity building colour palette was produced in late 2021 to be used in way-marking along a number of walking and driving routes in the Rathcroghan area.

Rathcroghan, in County Roscommon, is known as the ancient capital of Connacht and the oldest and largest unexcavated royal site in Europe, and so, due to its archaeological significance, a light touch was needed when making any kind of intervention in the landscape.

All colours in the palette come from native Irish vegetation that thrives in the local climate. Each year the colours in this autumnal palette will naturally synchronise with elements of the landscape around the time of Samhain, an important time in the Celtic calendar and at this location where the festival of Samhain is said to originate.

The creation of walking routes in Rathcroghan is an ambitious project requiring the collaboration of a number of groups and individuals working together to protect our national heritage and to make a valuable amenity accessible to the wider community. Among those involved are Steve Larkin Architects, Helena Fitzgerald, Daniel Curley from The Rathcroghan Visitor Centre, Petra Kock Appelgren from Farming Rathcroghan and a large number of local farmers and land-owners.

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